How did you DO that! Amazing! I’ve never known anything like it. People told me it was a crock, jutst hippys that did that sort of thing………..Have I got something to tell them!!

Can’t wait for my next session! I feel great,

thanks Xeni x



I can’t thank you enough.

I’ve now lost enough weight to enable me to go for my surgery.

To top it off I feel great too, I have more confidence now to move on with my life.



Thank you Xeni, I now feel more confident and able to achieve my goals! I’ve lost nearly 20lbs in 8 weeks! Feeling fabulous!



Can’t recommend Farnham Hypnotherapy enough! Since coming to see you I’ve not touched a single cigarette, I’ve not even wanted to! It’s changed my life! Thanks Xeni.



I will be recommending Farnham Hypnotherapy to everyone! I can’t believe how easy it is to be a non-smoker! I’ve already saved more than the cost of the session in a month!



My mum has already noticed a change in me, she says it’s like getting the old me back, more confident and positive about life.

Ellie (15)


I was so amazed I nearly called you at 2am from California! I stood in front of a room full of people – including my bosses and I did it! I spoke confidently and didn’t feel anxious at all. I was worried, but it was almost like it was just an afterthought. All I could think was ‘I’m doing this’!
That’s not the best part of the story…… when I finished I received a standing ovation!!
No idea how you did it, but you did it, my life has changed for the better and I’m now really enjoying my job.
Thank you so much.


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