The value in letting go

Most of us carry pieces of the past around with us all the time, when they’re positive memories and influences, those that keep us safe or inspire us to grow then that’s fantastic. Unfortunately we may also carry the negative elements of our lives around with us too.

As children, we learn through what we’re taught and our own experiences, absorbing everything into our subconscious mind, particularly in our early formative years. This means we don’t differentiate between what is good to keep and what doesn’t serve us, being influenced by those in a more authoritative position in such as parents, teachers and mentors. As a result we absorb the effects of negative experiences as well as positive ones and even when we’re older we feel we should be more in control of how we feel. Sometimes people and situations can still leave a lasting effect on us causing us to feel anxious, helpless, angry, overwhelmed and lost even in adulthood.

As individuals, we are not those things, we are not born feeling this way, although some people may have conditions to deal with which cause those feelings, it very often comes from our experiences.

Releasing negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can give you a new sense of freedom. This gives us space to breath and will open you up to new opportunities.

The problem with holding on to those negative thoughts and feelings is that if you fill your mind with them, there’s no room for change, this makes it more difficult to look at the new when you’re holding on to the old. 

We’re all different. Some of us may carry feelings in our minds which will leave us feeling unable to to clearly see what we want, while others carry it in their body. Often people will carry it in their torso where they feel a sense of tension and churning when they think of whatever is bothering them. Releasing those unwanted feelings is a very powerful way of clearing the mind and creating space for new positive thoughts, fresh ideas and a new perspective.

Just as we feel better when we de-clutter a drawer or cupboard, we also feel better for de-cluttering our mind of the stuff that we are ready to release because it’s no longer serving us. Hypnotherapy is a powerful yet gentle way of enabling you to release those unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions in a safe way and create space for new more positive energy.