Do you have a fear of flying? You’re not alone!

Fear of flying affects millions of people and can be caused by other phobias such as claustrophobia or a fear of heights. Other causes can be a bad experience, such as bad turbulence or problems whilst on a flight, even viewing a news program about a plane crash can have an impact.

A fear of flying can be difficult for other people to understand and for the sufferer to relay. Symptoms often include increased sweating and heart rate, feeling nauseous, having a dry mouth and panic attacks. There are many medications that can help calm these symptoms, but hypnotherapy has proven to be extremely successful with this particular phobia.

When you are in hypnosis it allows the hypnotherapist to access your subconscious and change patterns of behavior and thoughts that your mind associates with flying. This provides you with greater control over the fear itself. Here at Farnham Hypnotherapy during your first session we will spend time getting to know you as an individual and search for the trigger that started the fear of flying. We will take into account the information you have provided to uncover the patterns that trigger the fear to occur.

We will then provide you with techniques to use such as self-hypnosis, which will help you feel more in control, bring you a sense of calm and help you feel more relaxed. Working together with your hypnotherapist and using the tools you have been given you will be able to identify the triggers and turn a negative situation into something more positive.