It is completely natural to feel anxiety in our day-to-day lives.

For most people this is a part of modern life. Years ago this was attributed to the fight or flight response when faced with an aggressive animal or a dangerous situation. In today’s society any number of situations can make us feel anxious. We often imagine the danger, questioning ‘what if this happens’, ‘what if that happens’. We worry about our health, our financial situation, our children, and our confidence, whether or not we’re good enough in today’s demanding society.

It is perfectly natural after a traumatic event for an individual to feel stressed, anxious and even depressed,

but when these feelings continue to bombard a person’s mind for some time this is where problems can arise. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what you are imagining (one of the reasons hypnotherapy works so well!) and it will provide you with the appropriate response! So if you are reliving a traumatic event in your mind over and over your brain will provide you with the anxiety that goes along with the event, whether it is happening in real life or in your imagination.

If you are an individual that suffers from anxiety it can be quite debilitating, and effect every day decisions, ‘do I go out’, ‘will it be ok’, ‘what if?’ are all questions that will make your mind alert and cause anxiety. In turn the stress response the brain creates can cause real reactions such as sweating, shaking, feeling sick, dizzy, faint and being light headed just to mention a few! The brain will create a model of the situation, a template if you like, and will react in the same way when faced with the situation in the future.

Once this ‘template’ is laid down your brain will play it over and over as this is how it has made the connections to react to the situation.

Here at Farnham Hypnotherapy we can help you break those connections that can be SO debilitating, helping you move on with your life, facing those situations with a different outlook, using different connections, creating a NEW template!