Want to give up the cigarettes?

It’s not as difficult as you may think to let go of the habit, after all I doubt it’s the taste or the smell you’re in love with is it? It’s just a habit, and often not even about the nicotine!

Mostly it’s because of a secondary benefit –maybe stress relief, a nice feeling of some kind or just that moment that you can have to yourself. Whatever the case it makes us feel good.
Nicotine replacement products such as patches, gum and vapes don’t allow you to keep that good feeling.

Take a moment to imagine having that good feeling whenever you wanted it…… with NLP and hypnotherapy you can!! There’s no need to smoke anymore, in just a couple of hours you can feel great and have your life back, no more money down the drain, no more going out in the rain or smelling like an ashtray!

I using hypnotherapy and NLP to install good feelings into your subconscious mind where these learned behaviours are imbedded, this is where new habbits replace the old allowing you to become in control of your own feelings and once achieved you will have no need to pick up a cigarette to achieve that good feeling!

It’s so much easier than you may think all you need is the WANT and I can give you the HOW!

Farnham Hypnotherapy