It can be challenging journey trying to reduce your weight.

It’s one that many of us have experienced, together with the frustration, stress and low self-esteem it brings with it. Not to mention how boring it is!

Its not unusual for people to become stuck going round and round in a circle whilst trying to reduce their weight; dieting, overeating, dieting again and on and on – this is known as ‘yo-yo’ dieting. Most forms of dieting rely on you watching what you eat and how often you eat, counting calories or only eating a particular kind of food. This can rule your life and ultimately leave you very unhappy and deprived.

At Farnham Hypnotherapy we want to change the way you FEEL about food! For example, on a diet you may be eating an apple wishing it were an apple pie! We want to change the way you think about that apple, we want you to feel happy eating the apple and not give the pie a second thought.

It might seem hard to imagine that you could be ok with eating an apple when apple pie is your most favorite thing in the world, but with the techniques we posses it is possible to change your thinking patterns and gain control over your eating habits. This is not a quick fix like many diets; this is a long-term solution that will change the way you think about eating without you feeling deprived or depressed. We want you develop a positive relationship with food and feel confident, changing those negative thoughts and emotions without it affecting your emotional well being.